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BACP Accredited Counsellor
Holmes Chapel, Cheshire
Email: joyhazlehurst@hotmail.co.uk

Clients comments:

My friends were sick of me saying the same old things over and over.

Counselling helped me turn my life around.

By a colleague:

"It is because of your humility that I refer clients to you."

On the way there I didn't know what I was going to talk about, and then I didn't stop talking!

I was relieved that Joy wasn't one of 'those' counsellors that just nod at you; it was a two-way converstation.

Thank you for your help. You have made a real difference.

Thanks Joy! I couldn't have done it without your encouragement.

Loved Joy

It's like putting the pieces of a jigsaw together!

I felt so safe once I sat in the chair. It was my sanctuary in the middle of a nightmare.

I wish I'd done this 12 months ago.

You were an inspiration to me!

Telephone: 0788-196-6122

My experience of counselling made me want to train to become a counsellor myself.

At last I felt understood.

I was able to say it as it was without having to protect anybody.

Sometimes when I am in a difficult situation I can hear Joys' voice whispering in my ear re-assuringly.

Even when counselling finished I was able to go back for a top-up if and when I needed to.

Joy seemed to be able to understand the jumble of words coming out of my mouth.

After the first session: 

I feel a lot calmer now.

I saw green in your aura; the colour of healing and balance, love of people and animals.

It makes such sense when you say it.

When I went into my first session it felt like I faced a brick wall... by the end of that session I'd found the door.

I appreciated that you were not a 'yes man'!

I wish I could have a mini you in my pocket