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BACP Accredited Counsellor
Holmes Chapel, Cheshire
Email: joyhazlehurst@hotmail.co.uk

"My view of Triple P: At first I was very nervous about doing Triple P, because I thought people were going to criticise me for my parenting skills. After the first session I started to realize I was not the only parent with problems, it built my confidence up and I felt able to share things. I did find I had to combine some of the strategies. One important thing I did learn was that I shouted too much and the children did the same because I was teaching them that you had to do this. The strategy that worked best for me was 'Time Out', this worked across the family because I have six children, some in primary and some in the high school. I did have to persevere with it because the children thought it was a game but they soon realised I could do this anywhere i.e., grandparents, shops and friends houses. I can say that now I very,rarely use this, where at first I had to use it every half hour. By doing Triple 'P' I have been able to change my parenting skills which have changed my children, and life is a lot better.

I would recommend Triple 'P' to anyone because it does work, especially when you have two people delivering it who are as caring and understanding as Joy and Tina, they never once judged me or the group".

Janet Stoke-on-Trent

"Thank-you for giving us our child back"   ... Sue and Dave, Stoke-on-Trent

"I found the counselling sessions with Joy Hazlehurst to be very beneficial. Joy created a safe and secure environment that encouraged me to be able to open up much more easily than I'd experienced before.

As a result of the counselling sessions with Joy, I was able to explore my feelings and reach a resolution that suited my needs. I regularly 'tap into the sessions' as they have given me on-going benefit."

Tilly, Sandbach

"I attended weekly counselling sessions for several months and although nervous to start with was soon settled and made to feel comfortable. Accordingly it was easier to talk openly and honestly with Joy than I envisaged.

I found the sessions extremely helpful in talking through my issues without feeling judged. It was also helpful to have someone who does not know any of the people in my life provide some perspective on my issues.

During the time I was using the counselling service I began to see things differently and identify solutions to problems. I was also able to talk about events in my life I had previously hidden. I would recommend this process to anyone".

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