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BACP Accredited Counsellor
Holmes Chapel, Cheshire
Email: joyhazlehurst@hotmail.co.uk

"Excellent and compassionate service, very understanding, with a relaxed comfortable atmosphere.

Highly recommended".

Name given; privacy requested.

"I found the meetings I had with Joy to be so helpful in enabling me to break down what was quite a complex issue and deal with each point in turn. The benefit of being able to speak openly to a neutral person cannot be over estimated. Over the weeks of our meetings I was able to arrive at a decision over my future, and one which affects others, with so much more clarity than I could have ever hoped to achieve on my own".

Name given; privacy requested. Sandbach

"I decided to see Joy after a long internet search to find a counsellor. As soon as I saw her website I knew she was someone I would feel comfortable with, even though it meant travelling 60 miles. I was right. Joy has significantly contributed to my recovery with her sensitive, objective and accepting attitude, and her ability to help me reframe the past.
I now only see her every three months and my life is so different to how it was six months ago".

Lucy; Midlands

I cannot speak highly enough of Joy Hazlehurst and the quality of help I received from her. She was always truly understanding and able to fully empathise with my issues in a calm and gentle manner. From the very start, I knew that she was someone I could trust and safely open up to.

She carefully and expertly guided me to a better understanding of my problems, not by telling me what to think or do, but by encouraging me to search within for my own answers and solutions. She then gave me fantastic practical and emotional help in putting them into practice. She also helped me to come to terms with the fact that sometimes things 'are as they are' and, in those instances, she patiently and gently supported me in dealing with the frustration, the pain and sense of loss which ensued.

All in all, I would absolutely recommend Joy for her complete professionalism, coupled with her genuine gentle kindness, honesty and guidance. I walked away from my time with her an infinitely happier, calmer and more self-aware person.

Thanks for everything! Tracey - Alsager