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The Secret

Once upon a time there was a little hedgehog called Lizzie. The other animals weren't always kind to Lizzie, and as she grew
up she decided she needed someone to look after her and protect her. One day she went to a wedding in the forest, and
there she saw him ~ Willie Weazle himself ~ he'd do nicely. So, very soon after that, there was another forest wedding, that
of Miss Lizzie Hedgehog and Mr. Willie Weazle.

Lizzie loved little baby hedgehogs, and before long she had a nest full of them; Lucy, Daisy and Henry. She was so happy and
loved her family more than anything else in the world. Even though Willie Weazle didn't spend much time with them, they
spent many happy hours together; singing, dancing and playing in the forest.

One day, though, Lizzie saw that Lucy, Daisy and Henry had been crying and she discovered that Willie Weazle had been very cruel to them. This upset Lizzie, because she didn't know what had happened. Willie Weazle had told so many lies and had been so unkind that Lizzie knew she had to send for Policeman Badger. When he arrived, Lucy, Daisy and Henry told him what their daddy had done, even though this was very hard for them, because theys still loved Willie.

Once they had told Policeman Badger what had happened they felt much better, because they didn't have to keep any more secrets. They knew that they'd done nothing wrong, and that their mummy still loved them as much as ever. Lizzie Hedgehog was so very proud of Lucy, Daisy and Henry. They were the most precious little hedghogs in the whole wide world ..... and the bravest!

B. Edwards (May 1995)